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3 Key Ingredients for Rekindling Love & Desire

Learn how to increase your connection, intimacy and fun

If you’ve been feeling disconnected, lonely, taken for granted, neglected, bored, boring and blah, and like roommates or ships passing in the night, this webinar is for you.

All relationships experience slumps where there is disconnect and low or lack of intimacy. Where the partners question their compatibility, their attraction, and even their commitment.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to increase your connection, intimacy and fun for more love, spark and joy in your relationship.

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During This Free Presentation,

You’ll Learn How To:

Increase Connection

Learn how to create, protect and sustain your connection, establish reciprocal loving, and generate closeness

Increase Intimacy

Learn how to eliminate the blocks to desire, increase attraction and implement a Successful Date Night™ protocol

Increase Fun

Learn how to become more compatible, enjoy each other’s company, and have amazing experiences

Emma K Viglucci, LMFT

About the Presenter

Emma K. Viglucci, LMFT, is the Founder and Director of Metropolitan MFT, PLLC. Emma is dedicated to the wellness and success of partners and couples assisting them to create their successful relationship/s and meaningful lives.

Emma believes that strong couples create joyful, loving and nurturing homes providing a wonderful environment for children to thrive. Emma's Mission is to create healthy and enriching homes for children.

Emma has been practicing for over 20 years and is dedicated to creating innovative and progressive practices and technologies to help partners and couples at large.

Love Notes from Our Clients...

"I truly believe that without our continued support from Emma our relationship would not be as strong as it is today."

~ Erin A.

"At the end of the day, Emma helped us rekindle our passion, continue our love but most importantly understand how much we love our lives together. We will be forever grateful for her patience and effective therapy." 

~ Carolyn C.

"Thanks to Emma, we were able to rebuild the trust that had been lost, and develop better communication skills that had been lacking previously in our relationship. Our relationship now is better than ever."

~ Dahyana R.


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Increase Your

Connection, Intimacy & Fun